MIXiii-BIOMED is Israel’s leading event for the life science industry. The 2017 conference is focused on exploring and fueling the innovations and trends that are shaping the future of healthcare systems and life science. Topics covered include precision medicine, genetics, personal diagnosis, treatment and monitoring.

We are happy to announce that emedgene has been chosen by the Israel Innovation Authority and the BIOMED 2017 steering committee to participate in the Israeli Innovation Authority startup pavilion.

Emedgene will demonstrating the capabilities of our AI-powered genetic interpretation platform at the conference. Our decision support platform empower genetic interpreters and clinicians to diagnose conditions at the point of care, identifying mutations in both known and unknown genes. Our platform pinpoints a handful of potential causative mutations and presents evidence, along with a clear path to clinical validation.

Learn how emedgene can help expand your genetic care offering.
Contact us to schedule a meeting in advance or stop by on May 23rd, David Intercontinental , Tel Aviv, Stand #12.