Front Line Genomics have done an amazing job creating the Genomic Data 101: 2018 Edition. This thorough introduction to genomic data covers everything from generation, data analysis, storage and compression through use of AI to scale interpretation efforts.

The exponential growth in genomic data has strained resources – from both a computing, infrastructure, storage and interpretation perspective. Specifically for interpretation, with the growing demand for interpretation in genetic testing and pharma clinical trials, the only way to scale is by replacing labor-heavy, manual processes with AI.

But what is AI exactly? The Genomic Data 101 goes through AI basics, so you can separate the substance from the marketing hype. The AI chapter is a great introduction to how artificial intelligence algorithms can be developed for genomic data, as well as how to overcome typical challenges associated with genomic data.

Emedgene contributed to the AI chapter in order to help raise the bar on what the industry expects from AI, which is an important part of advancing AI adoption.

The guide is free for everyone. Enjoy! Genomic Data 101: 2018 Edition.